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Maintaining Your Property to Perfection

With Our Property Care Program

Every improved parcel of real estate is a complex mechanical system that has been engineered to serve a purpose for the user. From residential to commercial, a building represents a cost to the user to fulfill some need. These needs can be as simple as providing very basic shelter, to supplying the space in which extremely complex businesses operate.

Regardless of the ultimate purpose, all real estate represents a cost to the owner/user. Without proper care and a strategic plan to preserve the physical structure, every building will fail. . . . it’s just a matter of time. Failures can be repaired, the only question is the cost to correct the failure. It is inevitable and something that must be dealt with in order to continue to allow the occupant to use the facility for it’s intended purpose.

Consistent attention and monitoring of the physical nature of the improvements is the prudent and most cost effective way to prevent catastrophic failures. A few dollars spent today can help to avoid huge costs in the future. Not only the cost to make large repairs that could have been dealt with when they were small, but more importantly, to avoid the loss of revenues that can occur if the facility can no longer serve the business’ needs to offer its service or manufacture its products.

Every component of the building has a useful life and extending the life of these components is crucial to maximizing the return on the investment in the real estate. By identifying and tracking the condition of each of these building components the owner can plan for the preservation and maintenance of each one of the mechanical systems in order to achieve this objective. The expertise and network of specialists required to service and maintain these components is not a simple thing to accumulate and costs can be driven up if they need to be accessed hastily in cases of emergency. The only way to avoid this is to consistently be developing and nurturing this knowledge and network of help. Then through consistent monitoring and the identification of breakdowns when they are minor CPM will bring in the resources necessary to prevent further, more costly, breakdowns.

BRRCC has developed a Property Care Program with this specific need in mind. Through nearly twenty years of maintaining hundreds of buildings and addressing nearly every conceivable failure, we have developed the team to most cost effectively care for your real estate.

Through our property care program, we will conduct a thorough inspection and assess the current condition of the existing structure. All components of the building (roof systems, siding, windows, parking lots, landscaping, flooring, etc.) are identified and evaluated for their current condition, needed repairs and anticipated useful life. This information provides the framework for providing services.

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